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04/07/2017 | 130 Photos, 37:35 | Categories: Brunettes, Lingerie

Starring Taylor Gift

We catch up with flight attendant Taylor as she arrives in her room from one of her flights. She welcomes us and introduces herself and she wastes no time in winding down after a long flight. She starts undressing in an erotic way, making you wish you were there with her. She has a powerful sexy look that is hard not to notice. She undresses slowly, taking off her uniform but keeping parts of it on for you. She starts playing with herself as she gets more comfortable on a large chair. As soon as her juices are flowing and her finger is wet, she tastes herself. She keeps teasing us with different positions before taking off her panties and grabbing a vibrator. Her pussy is so wet we can hear her juices as she plays with herself. We get some close ups of her pussy as she starts playing with her vibrator. We can see her clitoris swelling up as she gets hornier and hornier, her lips enlarging and nipples getting hard. Her facial expression alone tells the whole story. She is enjoying herself and moans louder the hornier she gets. As she increases the vibrator speed, her body starts shaking more and more as she gets closer to her orgasm. Finally she can’t hold it any longer and she explodes, sending a shock wave throughout her body. After her orgasm she continues to play with herself and tasting her juices as she cools down and her heart rate falls back to normal levels. After cooling down she puts on her sexy gym clothes and heads for the gym. Unfortunately we couldn’t shoot her working out as the gym was full but we catch her undressing again and taking a nice hot shower after a sweaty workout.

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